The history of high quality canned fish manufacturing in Engure dates to 1931, when a fish processing factory was opened on the coast of the Gulf of Riga (Baltic Sea) in this picturesque fishermans’ village famous for its centuries-old traditions of fishing and a wide array of delicious seafood dishes.

Now, after more than 85 years, Unda is among the leading canned fish products manufacturers in Latvia. Our modern factory holds IFS, BRC and FDA certificates, and meets European and international quality and good manufacturing practice standards.

Our products are manufactured using only natural, GMO-free ingredients and wild-caught fish. Most of our recipes use local freshly caught fish delivered by our own fishing vessel.


"Unda" Ltd together with its partner "Bradava" Ltd offers:

Quotas – Bradava and Unda owns one of the biggest quota in the region for sprats and herring.

Fishing boats – largest, best equipped and strongest fishing boats in Latvia provide highest quality fish from this region. 

Shipyard – Bradava owns a shipyard for own vessel service, upgrade and rebuild as well as external service. 

Frozing and sorting facilities - modern and most effective fish sorting and freezing plant in Baltics offers the highest quality frozen fish.

Cannery – Unda is among the leading canned fish products manufacturers in Latvia with traditions and knowledge established in many decades of high quality only natural products production.

Consumers around the world appreciate the quality and taste of Unda’s delicious products. You can find our products under various brand names in stores in the CIS, European Union, USA, Australia and other countries.